Presentation Instructions

Oral Presentations

Guidelines and Advice for Preparing Slides:
  • Duration: Each paper is allocated 12 minutes for presentation plus 2 minutes for questions.
  • Slide Timing: Aim for 1 slide per minute. For complex slides with equations or key points, allocate about 2 minutes per slide.
  • Content: Keep slides simple, clear, and easy to read. Limit to 6 points per slide, and 6-12 spoken sentences per slide.
  • Font Size: Use a font size of at least 24 points to ensure readability in a large room.
  • Rehearsal: Practice your presentation in front of an audience beforehand. “Proxy” presenters must be familiar with the material and contact the Session Chair in advance.
Presentation Rules:
  • In-Person Only: Pre-recorded presentations and remote virtual presenters are not allowed. The presenter must be present to answer questions.
  • Slide Submission: Presentation files (MS PowerPoint format) should be delivered to the Speaker Ready Room preferably the day before, but no later than the morning of the session.
  • Session Attendance: Presenters should arrive at the session hall at least 15 minutes before the scheduled start to meet the chairs and discuss session flow.
Technical Setup:
  • Equipment: All presentation rooms are equipped with a computer, data projector, microphone (for large rooms), and a lectern.
  • Timing: Sessions must remain on time. Session chairs are responsible for keeping presentations on schedule.

Poster Presentations

Purpose and Importance:
  • Interaction: Poster sessions are ideal for in-depth technical discussions and for attendees to sample multiple papers in parallel sessions.
  • Clarity: Display your message clearly to attract interested attendees.
Setup and Display:

(Click image for high-resolution PDF)

  • Timing: Consult the program PDF for exact setup and teardown times. Posters will only be on display during their specific session.
  • Board Dimensions: Each paper is allocated a board with a usable width of 1189mm (46.8 inches) and a height of 841mm (33.1 inches). Posters should be in landscape (horizontal) layout. The poster is not required to fill this entire space, but it cannot be any larger than the allocated size.
Presentation Requirements:
  • Presenter Presence: A presenter must be at the poster during the scheduled time. Posters without a presenter will be considered a no-show.
  • Session Time: Authors should stand by their posters during session breaks and the dedicated poster session time.
Design Tips:
  • Title and Authors: The title should be at the top in CAPITAL letters (25mm high). Below the title, include author names and affiliations.
  • Flow and Layout: Organize the poster from top left to bottom right, using arrows to guide viewers. Use color for highlights and visuals like pictures, diagrams, and figures to minimize text.
  • Readability: Main results should be stated in 6 lines or less, with text at least 9mm high. Use sans-serif fonts for better readability from a distance.
  • Self-Explanatory: Make the poster self-explanatory to facilitate technical discussions.