Plenary Speakers

RUNE FLOBERGHAGEN- European Space Agency (ESA) • Head of the Science, Applications & Climate Department

Dr. Floberghagen is the Head of the Science, Applications and Climate Department at the European Space Agency, a post he holds since September 2022. Prior to that, spanning a career of more than 22 years with the Agency, he has held various positions at ESA, including the mission management of ESA’s scientific satellite fleet as well as Earth Explorer research and development missions. As part of the senior management team of the Directorate of Earth Observation Programmes he leading all activities linked to the scientific preparation and implementation of missions, execution of exploitation programmes as well as the implementation of the Agency’s climate programmes. Furthermore, he is responsible for innovation and commercially-oriented activities within the Earth Observation domain. Of Norwegian orgin, he has a background in engineering, with PhD in earth and planetary sciences.

Stamatios Krimigis, Academy of Athens

Professional background: Research Associate, 1965-1966; Assistant Professor of Physics, 1966-1968; Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Iowa. Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (1968-present). Supervisor (Space Physics Section) and Principal Staff member (since 1972), 1968-1974. Group Supervisor (Space Physics and Instrumentation Group), 1974-1981. Chief Scientist (Space Department), 1980-1990. Head (Space Department), 1991-2004. Emeritus Head, 2004-present. Supervisor, Office of Space Research and Technology, Academy of Athens, Athens, Greece (2006-present). Greece’s Alternate Head Delegate to the ESA Council (12/06-09/10). Chair of the National Council of Research and Technology of Greece (9/10-12/13).

Relevant experience: As Principal Investigator (PI) or Co-Investigator (Co-I), designed, built, flown and analyzed data from 21 instruments on NASA/ESA space missions, 1963 to present, as follows: PI--Cassini-Huygens MIMI instrument,1990-2015; Voyager 1 and 2 LECP instrument 1971-present. Explorer 47 and Explorer 50 (IMP-7 and 8) CPME, 1968-1996. AMPTE, 1973-1989. Lead Co-I or Co-I- Galileo EPD, 1977-2003; Ulysses HI-SCALE 1978-2009; Geotail EPIC, 1985-present; ACE, ULEIS and EPAM, 1988-present; MESSENGER EPS, 1998-present; Mariner 3, 4, 5 TRD (Mars and Venus) 1963-68; Explorer 33 and Explorer 35 EPD, 1965-1970. Injun 4 SSD, 1963-1966; Injun 5 SSD, 1966-1971; OGO-4 SSD, 1966-1970; Collaborating Scientist, New Horizons, 2002-present. Also, numerous NSF grants, 1970-1990. Has designed and built instruments that have flown to all nine classical planets (only scientist to do so).

Member, Space Science Board, National Academy of Sciences, and Chair, Committee on Solar and Space Physics 1983-1986; Member, NASA Space Science and Applications Advisory Committee (SSAAC), 1987-1990; NASA Inter-Agency Consultative Group for Space Science (IACG), 1987-1993; NASA Discovery Program Science Working Group, 1989-1992. Member or Chair of over 40 committees, Commissions, Working Groups at US and International level.

Roderick Beaton- Emeritus Koraes Professor of Modern Greek & Byzantine History, Language & Literature

Roderick Beaton is Koraes Professor of Modern Greek and Byzantine History, Language and Literature and Director of the Centre for Hellenic Studies at King's College London. He finished school in Edinburgh before going on to Peterhouse, Cambridge, to graduate with a BA in English Literature and a PhD in Modern Greek. After three years as a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Birmingham he joined King's in 1981 as Lecturer in Modern Greek Language and Literature, and in 1988 was appointed to the Koraes Chair. For ten years he headed the Department of Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies. He served twice on the RAE panel for Classics and again in REF2014. From October 2009 to September 2012 he held a Major Leverhulme Fellowship, and during autumn 2010 the Visiting Fellowship of the British School at Athens. He has written widely on Greek literature, culture, and history from the twelfth century to the present. He has published translations from Modern Greek verse and fiction, and several of his own books have been translated into Greek.

Rune Floberghagen - Head of the Climate Action, Sustainability and Science Department - Directorate for Earth Observation Programmes - European Space Agency

Dr. Rune Floberghagen has 24 years of experience at the European Space Agency, in various positions and establishments, including space project development, scientific preparation, mission management and data exploitation. He has also managed the operations of the full fleet of missions in the Directorate of Science. Dr. Floberghagen has a background in Aerospace Engineering as well as in the Earth and Planetary Sciences. A major part of his career has been dedicated to the research missions of the Earth Observation Programme, such as GOCE, Swarm and Aeolus. Since 1 September 2022 he has held the post of Head of the Climate Action, Sustainability and Science Department in the Directorate for Earth Observation Programmes.